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List of Secretaries to the Standing, Non-Standing & Other Committees - 2020-21

S.No. Name of the Committee Secretary to the Committee
A. Standing Committees  
1 Executive Committee Shri Rakesh Sehgal
2 Examination Committee Shri Rakesh Sehgal
3 Finance Committee Shri Rakesh Sehgal
4 Disciplinary Committee [u/s 21D] Shri Rakesh Sehgal
B. Non-Standing Committees  
1 Accounting Standards Board CA. Parminder Kaur
2 Sustainability Reporting Standards Board CA. Jyoti Singh
3 Audit Committee CA. Pramod Arora
4 Auditing & Assurance Standards Board CA. Megha Saxena
5 Board of Studies (Academic) CA. Vandana D. Nagpal
6 Students Skills Enrichment Board (Board of Studies - Operations) Dr. Mitali Pathak
7 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Committee CA. Mukesh Kumar
8 Committee for Members in Practice Dr. Sambit Kumar Mishra
9 Committee on Capital Market and Investors Protection Mr. Priyanshu Malhotra
10 Corporate Laws & Corporate Governance Committee CA. Sarika Singhal
11 Direct Taxes Committee CA. Shrutika Arora
12 Committee on Economic, Commercial Laws and Economic Advisory Ms. Shalini Kathuria Gulati
13 Editorial Board Shri Shaleen Suneja
14 Ethical Standards Board Mr. Ashish Swaroop Bhatnagar
15 Expert Advisory Committee CA. Parul Gupta
16 Financial Reporting Review Board CA. Aakanksha Khanna Kapoor
17 Committee on Public and Government Financial Management Ms. Namrata Khandelwal
18 Co-ordination Committee with Sister Institutes Shri Rakesh Sehgal
19 GST & Indirect Taxes Committee CA. Smita Mishra
20 Digital Accounting and Assurance Board CA. Amit Gupta
21 Internal Audit Standards Board CA. Arti Bansal
22 International Affairs Committee CA. Mudit Vashishtha
23 Committee on International Taxation CA. Mukta K. Verma
24 Committee on Management Accounting Dr. Surinder Pal
25 Committee for Members in Industry & Business Shri G. Ranganathan
26 Peer Review Board CA. Nidhi Singh
27 Professional Development Committee Ms. Seema Gerotra
28 Research Committee Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal
29 Committee for Development of International Trade, Services & WTO CA. Monika Jain
30 Infrastructure Development Committee Dr. Surinder Pal
31 Management Committee Shri Rakesh Sehgal
32 Committee for Members in Enterpreneurship & Public Service CA. Anita Sunejaa
33 Committee on Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Ms. S.Rita
34 Working Committee on World Congress of Accountants Shri Raja Ravindra V.
35 Valuation Standards Board CA. Sarika Singhal
36 Strategy, Perspective Planning and Monitoring Committee CA. Anita Suneja
37 Public Relations Committee Ms. Ritu Bahl
38 CSR Committee CA. Sonali Halder
39 Taxation Audits Quality Review Board CA. Mukta Verma
C. Directorate  
1 CPE Directorate & Centralised Distribution System (CDS) CPE Directorate - Shri Ajeet Nath Tiwari and CDS – Shri G. Ranganathan
2 Legal Directorate Sh. S. V. Krishnamohan
3 Digital Re-Engineering & Learning Directorate Ms. Sangeeta Jaganathan
4 Women Members Empowerment Directorate CA. Shanu Goel
5 UDIN Directorate CA. Turan Jain
6 International Placement Directorate CA. Monika Jain
7 Career Counselling Directorate Sh. Rajanikant Verma
8 Grievances Handling Directorate Sh. Rajanikant Verma
9 Members & Students Services Directorate Dr. Shivam Kumar
D. Others  
1 Board of Discipline [u/s 21A] CA. Sanjay Kumar Goyal (Officer in charge CA. Harleen Bhalla)
2 Disciplinary Committee [u/s 21B] Bench 1( Central & Easten Region) CA. Manoj Saxena
3 Disciplinary Committee [u/s 21B] - Bench 2 ( Western Region) CA. Parvesh Bansal
4 Disciplinary Committee [u/s 21B] - Bench 3 ( Southern Region and MAF Cases) CA. (Dr.) Rashmi Goel
5 Disciplinary Committee [u/s 21B] - Bench 4 ( Northern Region) CA. Amit Threja
Last updated on 25th Nov, 2020

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