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In the year 2011-12, the CPE Committee promoted programmes on the following topics:-


•         Information Technology 

•         XBRL

•         Anti money Laundering

•         Forensic Audit

•         Economic and other law matters.

•         Direct and indirect taxes.

•         Leadership skills and personal skills.

•         Ethical standards.

•         Specialised industry specific programme.

•         Workshops on emerging areas like GST, IFRS, DTC and New Companies Bill.

•         IFRS


1.         The CPE Committee had revised the following documents :-


(1) The Statement on Continuing Professional Education (w.e.f. 01-01-2011)


(2) Advisory on Structured and Unstructured Learning Activities (w.e.f. 01-01-2011)


(3) Revision in the following CPE Advisories (w.e.f. 01-11-2011) :

1) Programme Development

2) Use of Learning Technologies

3) Supervisors and Monitors

4) CPE Documentation

5) Management of Programme Costs

6) Development of Background Material


2.         XBRL

To promote XBRL Initiatives,the Committee initiated the awareness programme and hands on training on XBRL at more than 790 locations from February 2011 onwards. The Committee had also sent a communication to all Programme Organising Units (POUs) to organise programmes on XBRL on regular basis.


3.         CPE Calendar


The Committee issued a CPE Calendar which contains more than 400 topics on various areas of professional interest. The CPE calendar had been hosted on the Website of the Institute and on the CPE Portal.


4.         E-Newsletter


The Committee had decided to bring out an e-newsletter on periodical basis which would serve as a useful information tool for the members.  The focus of the newsletter would be to publish recent developments and share knowledge that is contemporary and useful to the members. The two volumes of the e-newsletter (CPE Bulletin) have already been brought out and the same were hosted on the website of ICAI as per the decision of the Council.


5.         Promotion of CPE Programmes through Webcast


The programmes organized by the Committee were promoted through Webcast. On an average two programmes per month through teleconferencing mode were organized by the Committee. These programs were telecast live through the Gyan Darshan Channel of Delhi Doordarshan. To attract more members for the CPE Teleconferencing programmes, SMS are being sent to members across the country, 3 days before every programme.


6.         Monitoring of Continuing Professional Education Programmes


With a view to monitor CPE programmes, the Committee had re-constituted the Regional CPE Monitoring Committees in all the 5 regions and also revised its Terms of Reference to make them more effective.


7.         Transparency in Continuing Professional Education Programmes


The Committee is also addressing the issue of transparency in CPE Programmes. The Committee introduced Management Information System on the CPE Portal using IT Tools to increase the awareness in public about the various activities performed and major events being taken up by the Institute. This enables the members to view a city wise list of the forthcoming CPE programmes with the contact details of the POUs for registration.


8.         Outreach Programmes for Regulators


In a step to change the mindset of the regulators and public at large the CPE Committee at its meeting held in February, 2012 decided to organize the Outreach programme for them. The Committee has prepared a list of various regulators in India for writing them that the CPE Committee of ICAI is desirous of holding programme on professional topics for their officers and to request them to send their requirements for such programme.


9.         Step towards encouraging members to adhere to the CPE Hours requirement


With the view to encourage the compliance of the CPE Credit hours by the members, the Committee decided to felicitate the member by providing a memento in any National level programme organized by the CPE Committee, who had undergone highest number of CPE hours credit under structured learning in a particular calendar year.


The Committee also decided that a member with highest number of CPE Hours in each of the 5 regions in a particular calendar year under Structured Learning would be felicitated. Also, the member with the highest number of CPE Hours among the above 5 members would be felicitated separately as well.



10.       Initiatives for professionalisation in conducting CPE Programmes


    A CPE Programme shall always start at the announced time and punctuality shall be adhered to.

    No time shall be spent on introduction purposes. The CPE programme shall start directly with the Technical session by the Faculty.

   Mementos shall be given preferably in the form of useful books.

-     Details of the Programme should be uploaded on the CPE Portal well in advance (i.e at least 3 days prior to the programme).

-     Back dated events would not be considered for approval of CPE Hours (i.e. programme details uploaded after holding of the event).

-         A communication has been sent to all the POUs to organise programmes on Code of Ethics.

-         A communication has been sent to all the POUs requesting them to plan the programmes to be organised and to upload the details of the forthcoming programmes at least 2 months in advance so that the members may find it easier to plan time out of their busy schedule to attend the programmes.


A communication was sent to the Chairmen of all the Non-standing Committees requesting them to adhere to the existing CPE guidelines by their respective Committees.



11.              The CPE Committee has brought out a CD on Power Point Presentations on Management Consultancy Courseware and the same is available at ICAI Sale Counter @ Rs. 50/-


12.              The CPE Committee is in the process of preparing the standardised BackGround Material on the topics of professional interest and had identified nearly 50 topics of professional interest. The standardised BackGround Material so prepared would be made available in a soft copy to the POUs on request.


A list of Members holding COP (excluding senior members), who have complied with the minimum CPE requirements for the calendar years 2008, 2009 and 2010 was hosted on the website of the ICAI for information of the members.

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