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We are to inform you that the Council, at its 256th meeting held in January 2006, considered various matters relating to conduct of Continuing Professional Education Programmes. The Council also reviewed in detail various aspects of such programmes as they are being conducted all over the country. Having debated on the issues, the Council has issued a set of directions for Professionalisation of Conduct of CPE Programmes.

The Council at its 261st meeting held in August 2006 modified Clause 9 of the Council Directions. The Council at its 316th meeting held in May, 2012 decided to modify certain Clauses of the Council Directions. The revised Council Directions for Professionalisation of the Conduct of CPE Programmes with modified Clauses is given below. All the POUs should follow the Council Directions in letter and Spirit.

Professionalisation of Conduct of CPE Programmes
Last updated on 22nd August, 2012

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