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General Permission to Become Members of the Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors
Council of the Institute has already granted general permission to a chartered accountant in practice as a part of and in continuation of the existing resolution under Regulation 190A which appears as Appendix no. 9 to the C.A.Regulations, 1988 (2002 Edition), inter alia, for acting as surveyor and loss assessor under the Insurance Act, 1938.
Additionally with a view to enable the members of the Institute to meet the requirements under Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (Licensing, professional requirement and Code of Conduct) Regulations, 2000 of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to act as surveyor and loss assessor, the Council at its Meeting held in August 2005, inter alia, decided that members who register themselves as trainees for obtaining licence to act as surveyors and loss assessors be permitted to undergo training as required specifically under the said Regulations. While deciding the aforesaid, the Council also decided that the period spent by such members for undergoing the training should not affect their main occupation* for the purpose of training articled / audit assistants under Regulations 43 & 68 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988.
In order to further facilitate the members to become members of the Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (IIISA), the Institute has decided to grant general permission.
[* The practice of a Member shall be deemed to be his main occupation if he is not a full-time or whole-time employee with any firm (whether proprietor or partnership), company, corporation or any other entity.
The term full time / whole-time employee means full time / whole time employment carrying as per his terms of employment monthly or periodical salary, or remuneration by whatever name called, with or without benefits any / or perquisites, P.F., bonus, gratuity or other terminal benefits etc.,]

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