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Ref: Announcement in the Chartered Accountant Journal - January 2003 issue - Page No. 728.
Attention of the Member of the Institute in general and practicing members in particular is invited for the requirements for attending Continuing Professional Education Programmes, as defined in the Statement on Continuing Professional Education, to earn CPE credit (Six hours per calendar year). The ‘Statements’ have been issued with a view to securing compliances by members on matters, which, in the opinion of the Council, are critical for the proper discharge of their functions. ‘Statements’ therefore are mandatory.

Accordingly the members to whom the Statement on Continuing Professional Education is applicable may contact the Regional Councils, Branches of the Regional Councils, CPE Study Circles and CPE Chapters to participate in the CPE Programmes to earn the required CPE Credit (SIX hours) before 31.12.2003 for this calendar year.
CPE Teleconferencing Programme - Revised Date and Time.
Ref: Announcement in the Chartered Accountant Journal - August 2003 issue Page No. 198 and in the Institute’s website.
Members, students of the Institute and others concerned may kindly note that the next CPE Teleconferencing Programme on Issues in Tax Audit will be held on 10th October 2003 between 2.00 PM - 5.30 PM [Instead of 11.00 AM - 1.30 PM]

In view of the enhanced duration, the CPE Credit for the members of the Institute attending the entire CPE Teleconferencing programme has been revised to THREE Hours.

The schedule of other CPE Teleconferences (From November 2003 to March 2004) is also being modified. Announcement in this regard will be released in due course.

Practicing Members of the Institute in muffissil areas and remote places may contact the concerned Branch or Regional Council of the Institute or the CPE Chapter or CPE Study Circle to attend the teleconferences to accumulate CPE Credit hours for the Calendar Year 2003 (Six hours) as per the requirement of the Statement on Continuing Professional Education.

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