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Beneficial Schemes for the Members of ICAI - Committee for Members in Practice, ICAI

The Committee for Members in Practice (CMP), ICAI has initiated various measures for the benefits of the members of ICAI through the following arrangements with the service providers which the members may avail at their choice:

Credit Cards Facility

CMP Committee Website

Please Contact us at Secretariat, Committee for Members in Practice (CMP)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan, IP Marg,
New Delhi-110002
Phone No. (011) 30110 436
Email Id : cmp[at]icai[dot]in
Capitaline TP Corporate database
Contact us:- Secretariat, CITAX
Email:citax[at]icai[dot]in, Ph:0120-3045923

Last updated on 20th September, 2022

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