Profession for Future with Well Being

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which is set up with the objective of creating and development of profession of Chartered Accountancy in India and abroad, has several members who are past age of 75 years. ICAI has decided to launch a project – WE CARE - to establish contact and communication with these senior members to take vision related to "Profession for Future" and also acknowledge their 50 year of contribution in Profession. At the same time ICAI will put forward its gratitude towards members' well-being and in extraordinary circumstances will arrange to support financially through CABF.


This Project will enable ICAI to perform interaction with these Senior members about vision for profession of the future, get insights into wealth of experience to be shared by them for the new members and ICAI to take some good ideas and directions in the furtherance of the professional interest and also at the same time taking stock of their wellbeing, their health, nancial conditions, issues faced by them.

This policy document will enable the implementation of the above objective of ICAI through the grass root level and achieve the purpose and objective of the ICAI. The policy document will also lay down the Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by all entrusted with this Project implementation and to achieve the same in a standardised manner in a similar fashion all over the Country.


ICAI will use database of members at its disposal to identify the members who are falling in the criteria of senior members. Senior member are defined as members of age 75 years and above {at present the number is 11017 (3861 active and 7156 inactive)}. The said database will be used to segregate the list of such members:

Accordingly, the list of these members along with the contact details and addresses will be sent to respective Region/Branch or Chapter for further action in the matter.

Role of Regional Office, Branch, Chapter

The respective heads of Branch Management committees in guidance with the regional and central council members in that jurisdiction will use the above data to identify and create team. These team of members will be allocated responsibility of meeting these senior members based on and keeping in mind the seniority and position of the respective senior member for implementation of the above project.

Setting up meeting with the Senior Members

The team members so identified and allocated, will seek prior appointment of the senior members and as per the convenience of such senior members will set up a meeting at their premises – either at office (if active) or at residence (if retired) or as per the convenient location of the senior member.

Care should be taken to ensure and maintain highest level of respect, dignity and honour of senior members.

While seeking appointment with the senior members, one should explain in detail the purpose of the meeting and expected time to spent for the meeting.

Preparation for the meeting

The following will be required to be carried for the purpose of the meeting

  • (a) Standard Questionnaire as per format enclosed – It may be in an APP format – the same will be provided on the mobile APP.
  • (b) A souvenir with the name engraved of the senior member as a matter of token of appreciation and honour.
  • (c) A sweet box/ fresh fruit basket/ dry fruit box
  • (d) The questionnaire should already contain the standard data available with the institute so that there is no unnecessary questions which ICAI already knows – like Name, Address, Mobile Number, email etc – One can confirm some details if required.
  • (e) Point of contact in ICAI for these members which should be shared during the meeting. Example create a special officer at ICAI with M&SS Convener in charge to provide 24X7 service.
Actual Conduct of the meeting
  • (a) Punctuality must be observed – The team member or members must reach on the appointed day and time.
  • (b) Politeness and humility should be observed
  • (c) Inquire about well-being and make the senior member comfortable and feel proud to be a member of ICAI. Acknowledge the years of experience he has gained as a member.
  • (d) Acknowledge that ICAI recognises the contribution and CARES for such members.
  • (e) Take photographs with self and family and also while giving mementos.
  • (f) Take a byte of two-three minutes that how profession of chartered accountancy contributed in the journey so far and some important tips which ICAI need to take care for future in the Mobile APP only.
  • (g) In case meeting is scheduled at Old Age Home, then, need to inquire any financial support from CABF is required (maximum upto Rs. 10000/- Per Month)? If yes, then suitably take the details of old age home, its bank account, NEFT code and related details in mobile APP.
Post Meeting – Data Collecting
  • (a) The data will be getting uploaded on real time basis. In case internet is not there, mobile APP need to facilitate that the moment team visited will come into the connectivity, it will upload the data.