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Dish Antennae to receive the Signals of the Gyan Darshan Channel

  1. Insat - 3C (74 Degree East)
  2. Transponder: C - 12
  3. Linear Horizontal Polarisation
  4. Downlink Frequency: 4165 MHz
  5. Symbol Rate: 26.000 Sps
  6. FEC: Ż

Digital Satellite Receiver

Television standard


Video Decompression

MPEG - 2

Audio Decompression

QPSK (minimum)

Video output

2 Outputs : Main & Monitor


1 Volt p-p

Code Rate


Signal - to - noise ratio

> 55 dB

Audio output

2 stereo pairs

Audio output level

0 dBm at 600 ohms balanced

Frequency Response

50 Hz to 15 Khz + 2 dB

Asynchronous serial data output

Upto 38.4 Kbps

RF Input Frequency range

950 - 2150 MHz

Tuning step size

250 KHz max.

Satellite frequency band

C-band/extended C-band

Input power range

-30 to -65 dBm per carrier

Television Set

It may be further noted that the Gyan Darshan Channel at the specified Technical Details is having number of alternative channels - GD I for telecasting the recorded educational programmes round the clock, GD II for Teleconferencing purposes etc. Accordingly GD II will not be visible other than the specified timings. You are required to first tune to GD I as per the technical details and at the specified timings fine tune your television set or the reception equipment to receive the Teleconferencing signals. Please note that the Gyan Darshan Channel is Dish Antenna Position Sensitive, which requires careful alignment. In case of poor reception kindly check the alignment of the Dish Antenna. Further all the Programme Organising Units are advised to retain a technician during the teleconferencing programmes to take care of the technical matters.

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