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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has become one of the select professional accounting bodies in the entire world to make Continuing Professional Education (CPE) mandatory for its members (with some exceptions).

One of the major responsibilities of CPE Directorate in the CPE endeavour is to bring out Background Materials for various topics identified by the CPE Committee for conducting CPE Programmes by the POUs.

The CPE Committee invites Expression of Interest from members of the Institute and other experts who are interested in developing CPE Background Materials on ISO Certification Audit /Environmental Audit/Energy Audit. The intending authors of the CPE Background materials are expected to have appropriate level practical experience in the relevant area alongwith the knowledge of Accounting Treatment in the books of Accounts and procedure for Auditing in the above areas.

The CPE background materials have to be prepared as self-learning booklets in the form of handbooks with proper mix of theory and practical case studies.

Apart from getting recognition, among their professional brethren, for their contribution in preparing the background materials, the authors of the accepted CPE Background materials will be:
  1. Eligible for getting CPE Credit hours as per the Statement on CPE

  2. Getting their names printed in the CPE Background materials

  3. Honorarium and reimbursement of incidental expenses as per the prevailing policy of the Institute. (Which will depend upon the size, time and efforts to be required to prepare such background materials).

The intending authors are required to send a formal request letter with the following details, to Shri Surinder Pal, Secretary - CPEC, CPE Directorate, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Post Box No.7100, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi - 110 002. Sending proposals by email at or cpeadmin@icai.orgis preferred:

  1. Brief profile of the author

  2. Specific experience and expertise in the relevant topic for which they offer themselves to write the background materials which will enable the CPEC for allotting the preparation of background material for them

  3. Proposed coverage of the CPE Background material (in about 2000 - 3000 words)

  4. Sources of primary and secondary data based on which the Background material will be written

  5. Time frame within which they can submit the background material.

It may be noted that mere submission of the Expression of Interest may not lead to the allotment of the particular background materials to a particular applicant. The Institute reserves the right to request any other expert (though they might not have offered their expression of interest in this regard) to prepare CPE Background materials. No communications will be entertained in this regard. Only selected authors will be individually communicated.

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