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Norms for CPE Chapters (as amended in August 2006)
Norms for the formation and functioning of Chapters within India at places not falling under the jurisdiction of the Regional Councils Headquarters / Branches for the limited purpose of organizing CPE Programmes
  • The members of the Institute, residing in a particular geographical area may form Chapters.
  • The geographical area from which members make an application to form a Chapter must be such that it does not fall within the jurisdiction of any Regional Council Headquarters or of any Branch of Regional Council.
  • The jurisdiction of any Chapter would be 50 Kms. from the city/town where the Chapter is located. In other words, there would be no other Chapter within a radius of 50 kms.
  • The minimum number of members necessary to apply for Chapter formation is 25.
  • Such members who desire to form a Chapter may apply in the prescribed format to the CPE Directorate. The application should be forwarded through the Regional Council Chairman. The application should carry the endorsements of the concerned Regional Council Chairman and one other Office bearer of the Regional Council. Any application so endorsed by the Officer Bearers of the Regional Council shall however be placed before the next meeting of the Regional Council as a noting item.
  • The CPEC shall process the application and has the authority to approve the formation of the Chapter. Upon approval, the CPEC shall inform the Chapter, the Regional Council, and other concerned administrative sections/departments of the Institute, of its decision.
  • Upon approval, the Chapters so formed shall be called _________CPE Chapter of the ________________(Name of Regional Council) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • Chapters so constituted shall work under the guidance, supervision and control of the concerned Regional Council of the Institute.
  • Chapters shall not use the logo of the Institute on their letterhead or on any other communication.
  • Chapters would be required to elect every year a Convenor and a Deputy Convenor to look after the day-to-day affairs/activities of the Chapter. The Deputy Convenor would be responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Chapter.
  • Chapters shall be eligible for CPE grant at the prescribed amount per member residing within the jurisdiction of the Chapter.
  • Chapters shall also get a lump sum fixed financial assistance of Rs.10000/- per annum for conducting Learning Activities, as prescribed in the Statement on CPE issued by the Council. The grant shall however be subject to the Chapter complying with such other conditions as may be prescribed by CPEC from time to time.
  • Chapters shall not be eligible for any grant other than those specified in Clauses 11 and 12 above.
  • There should be at least one meeting per quarter of the members of the Chapters to discuss various matters of topical interest, at such predetermined place as may be convenient to members.
  • The address for communication of the Chapter will be that of the Convenor.
  • Chapters shall not acquire any capital asset of their own.
  • Conveners are authorised to collect any sum in the form of voluntary contribution from the members to defray the cost of holding learning activities and other incidental charges.
  • Conveners shall submit half yearly and annual accounts of receipts and payments to the Regional Council. The half yearly accounts from 1st April 30th September every year shall be submitted before 15th of October of the relevant year. Half yearly accounts from 1st October 31st March of the following year along with the Annual Accounts for the period from 1st April to 31st March shall be submitted before the 15th of May every year to the Regional Council.
  • Conveners shall send copies of the Notices convening the meetings, and Report of such meetings to the concerned Regional Council within ten days of such meetings. The Convenor is required to upload the programme details before organizing any programme and thereafter uploading the attendance thereof on the CPE Portal within 10 days of organizing a programme.
  • The Chapters shall not have their own rules and byelaws registered under any other Act or Rules/Regulations.
  • CPE Certificate shall be given by the Regional Council, on the basis of attendance records submitted by the Chapter.
  • All the Chapters will be eligible to get CPE Credit hours, if the learning activities are within the framework of the CPE Statement.
  • If any Chapter is found to be working against the interest/policies of the Institute or its guidelines, the Chapter shall be de-recognised. The authority to de-recognise the Chapter, on the above grounds vests with the CPEC.
  • Chapters so constituted shall also comply with other administrative rules, namely, operation of Bank account, audit, maintenance of account, other procedural matters, elections etc as are applicable to Branches of the Institute.
  • The responsibility for ensuring financial propriety in the financial management of the Chapter, and the responsibility for production of proper audited accounts, shall be that of the Deputy Convenor. In all other matters, the responsibility shall be jointly that of the Convenor and the Deputy Convenor.
  • In the event of lack of clarity in any matter in the formation of Chapters or their administration, application should be made to the CPEC, which is entrusted with the responsibility for providing such clarification.
* As amended in August 2006
Format of Application for seeking approval of the CPE Committee for forming a CPE Chapter

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