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Members might have received letters from the Decentralised Offices of the Institute alongwith entry on record containing, inter alia, the CPE Credit for the calendar year 2003. Members may note that the data relating to CPE Credit was provided by the CPE Directorate of the Institute to the Decentralised Offices for incorporating the same in the entry on record. Such data was consolidated based on the CPE Credit data provided by committees of the Institute, Regional Councils, Branches of the Regional Councils. Since some of the CPE Programme Organising Units (POUs) are still sending in their data, it is possible that some members may find some difference between their own records of CPE Credits and that given in the Entry on Record.

Though point No.6 of the covering letter sent by the decentralized offices contains, inter alia, that the members may verify the CPE Credit hours for the calendar year 2003 with the records available with them and may report the discrepancy, if any, to the decentralized offices alongwith the necessary support document, in order to avoid inconveniences that may be faced by the members in this respect it has been decided that the members need not submit the proofs for validating their records relating to CPE Credit. The Institute will be undertaking a separate exercise to ascertain the relevant details from POUs and on that basis separately get in touch with the members who have earned required CPE Credit, in terms of the Statement on Continuing Professional Education. Inconvenience caused, if any, to the members is deeply regretted.

(Dr. B. Chakravarty)
Director (CPE)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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