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CA. Jay Chhaira
Chairman, Board of Studies (Academic) - 2021-22

CA. Jay Chhaira is a senior member with admirable credentials, charismatic personality and immense knowledge. He has to his credit several degrees including B.Com., LL.B., F.C.A., A.C.M.A., M.F.M., M.B.A.(Fin.), P.G.D.F.M., M.F.C., M.Bk.M., M.Phil.(Mgt.), M.A.(Eco), M.Com.(CIM), D.B.M., D.B.F., I.S.A.(ICA), M.B.A.(Inv.), A.D.B.A., P.G.D.Ent., P.G.D.M., P.G.D.I.B., M.G.E.M., D.I.M., P.G.D.Mkt., P.G.D.Adv., P.G.D.W.M., A.M.P.G.S.(U.S.), A.D.M.A. (London). He has studied Advanced Management at various reputed institutions in Italy, Germany, U.S., U.K. and China.

He has been associated with ICAI activities since 1995. He has served as the Chairman Surat Branch in 2005 and went on to become the Vice Chairman WIRC in the year 2012. He is currently serving his third consecutive term in the Central Council. He has helmed many a committees as the Chairman such as Professional Development Committee, Students’ Skill Enrichment, Peer Review Board, Committee for Capacity Building of Members in Practice, Committee for Financial Markets and Investors Protection, etc.

He has held many significant positions such as the President of The Rotary Club in 2008 and Member of Civil Defence, Government of Gujarat. Owing to his exceptional contributions, he has been awarded by Governor of Gujarat as Legend of Surat, by Health Minister of Gujarat as Star of Surat, by Member of Parliament as Jewel in the Crown, by Mayor of Surat as Surat na Sitara and as Youth Icon by leading newspaper group Dainik Bhaskar. He has been awarded by the President of India for getting First in India in research and also awarded by Chief Minister of Gujarat for Science and Research.

He has a multi-faceted personality with varied talents. A state level winner in Painting, Singing, Elocution and Drama, he has acted in many Gujarati dramas and films. He has participated in Akshay Kumar International Martial Arts Competition. As an eloquent speaker having keen interest in Education, he has represented India at various prestigious fora for Higher Education at Los Angeles, Milan, Guangzhou, Phuket London, Paris, etc.

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