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Peer Review Board

Chairman, Peer Review Board
CA. Dayaniwas Sharma

Phone: +91 9885200029
Mobile: +91 9885200029


About the Board/Powers of the Board

Peer Review Board - Means a Board established by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in terms of the Statement on Peer Review, to conduct peer review.


  • The main objective of Peer Review is to ensure that in carrying out the assurance service assignments, the members of the Institute (a) comply with Technical, Professional and Ethical Standards as applicable including other regulatory requirements thereto and (b) have in place proper systems including documentation thereof, to amply demonstrate the quality of the assurance services.

    Thus Peer Review is meant for the purpose of enhancing quality of professional work, transparency in technical standards used, world class procedures and techniques resulting into more reliable and useful audit and reports and it has no relationship whatsoever with any disciplinary or any other regulatory mechanism. The review begins with the assumption that professionals discharge their responsibilities properly and the aim of review is to enhance those attributes of professionalism that serve to keep the profession of chartered accountancy in India in the forefront of the accounting and auditing profession in the world.


  • CA. Dayaniwas Sharma, Chairman
  • CA. Rajesh Sharma, Vice-Chairman
  • CA. Anil S Bhandari
  • CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal
  • CA. Prakash Sharma
  • CA. Hans Raj Chugh
  • Dr. Ravi Gupta

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